Monday, October 12, 2015

The Hard work is Finally paying off October 12,2015

Sorry that I did not write this past week. We were short on time and busy. Here is a catch up on the past two weeks. 
We will start with some of the humbling experiences. 
1) For the most part of my mission we have been fed pretty good but there have been a few meals that have been questionable. (Also have gotten to the point where I will eat anything, so not as picky which is good). This past week we were fed menudo (cow stomach) from a investigator. I could honestly say that I would never eat that serving in America. 

2) We ate a meal where they only had one table that was small. My companion and I got to sit in their only two chairs. They insisted on us sitting there. We felt way bad. They all sat on the floor. The family did not really eat anything to ensure we were fed. Literally the most humbling experience in the mission. We often times take everything we have for granted. 

Elder F and I were able to finally have people come to church. It has been the struggle for a while but we had 4 come this past week. With them coming that ensures that we will have baptisms coming up soon. We are supposed to have one this Saturday. And then one next weekend as well. Our zone and our area is still continuing to progress. 

Also this past week we had MLC (mission leadership council) and that was awesome. It is a great place to receive revelation for our individual stewardship. After MLC we had to plan for ZTM (zone training meeting). ZTM turned out really well. The assistants to the president came so we were hoping everything would be good which it was. There was a baptism in our zone on saturday and we had to go (got to go) since we are the zone leaders. The drive down to Kern Valley which is an hour away from Bakersfield is pretty awesome. The baptism went well. Our zone has baptized at least one for the past 4 weeks and we have a baptism a week lined up for the next 4 weeks. 2 months of straight baptizing. The mission is truly changing. 

Today we already had a zone activity. We went to a nearby neighborhood to play sand volleyball and frisbee golf. Transfers are tomorrow and.... I'm staying. I think i will be here for one more and then leave. This ward is pretty cool. the next transfers will be on November 24th. Which will be interesting if I leave to go to a new ward and then two days later it is Thanksgiving. 

Any who I hope you all have a great week. 

Something funny that happened this week was this. We were tracting and ran into a minister. It was so funny when he was going on a rant he was like its the king(dome) not the king(dumb). He was basically saying we need to be smart with our choices. It was way funny. 

-Elder Loertscher

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