Monday, October 12, 2015

Language of Prayer September 14,2015

I will start off echoing Elder Kade Nielsens words on prayer. Yesterday in our ward council our bishop gave a spiritual thought and he stated that we have become to casual in our language of prayer. We often time use the words YOU and YOUR when speaking to Heavenly Father. We have gotten carried away from the formal THOU, THEE, and THY. He gave a great point stating that we are speaking to a Heavenly King. He is our father. Just like a son wont (shouldnt) call his dad by his first name, it should be the same when we speak with our Heavenly Father.Also out of respect i apply this rule of thumb. When praying "on your knees or on your feet but never ever in your seat". 

Elder Fernandes and I had a bomb week. We taught 6 member present lessons. We gave one of our investigators a blessing to give him strength to live the word of wisdom and he started crying. He said he could feel the spirit and he knows Heavenly Father will help him. We  were able to find 8 new investigators. We set all 8 of them with a baptismal date. We had a ton of dates already but some of them didnt come to church so there date dropped. This past Wednesday we went to Mojave for a District Leader & Zone leader Meeting. On the way back we came through Tehachapi. There was 3 wild fires. It was pretty cool to see one that close but at the same time it was a fire so thats not so good. The meeting was really cool though.  

This week Elder Fernandes and I have really stressed talking to everyone. We need to offer everyone a chance. They all have there agency of course to accept or reject our message but we need to give them that opportunity. We also are hitting hard setting baptismal dates. If we do not at least invite people to baptism we cannot help them repent. and we aren't fulfilling our purpose of INVITING others to come unto Christ. If we dont do those things then our zone wont. But dont worry we are. Our zone is on the rise. We will have baptisms again this transfer in our area and in others in our zones. Its hard to find that constant level of baptizing. This zone has struggled with that alot. They will baptize like 4 one month and then the next have 0. We are attempting to raise the expectation and hope that it will settle with our missionaries and they will sense the urgency. 

D&C 33:3 
"For behold, the field is white already to harvest; and it is the eleventh hour, and the last time that I shall call laborers into my vineyard"

Here is one of the fires. California this year is like either 40,000 or 140,000 acres above average for fires. It is so dry. We need some rain. 

​Here is what happens when you are tracting in 106 degree weather for 5 hourse straight with no water. Yes thats all sweat. 

Have a great week. Love you all.

-Elder Loertscher

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