Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Find, Teach, BAPTIZE

This week was really eventful. We met with the stake president and mission president on Wednesday to report this stakes missionary efforts. It was a pretty good meeting. We also had zone conference this Friday. Elder Fernandez and I presented the Restoration and how it should be taught correctly. The theme of the conference was Find. Teach. And Baptize. Our President talked a lot about how we need to make the things we are doing our top priority. Our zone struggles with being bold. It was super funny. President Wilson was talking about how we can be more bold and he said " I have a gift for you all". He grabbed out a bag of rocks and gave us each one. Then he next remark was super funny. He said " what is this" everyone answered a rock. He quickly corrected us and said "i would like to think of it as being a boulder". So i need you all to be a little boulder (bolder). It was super funny. This weekend we had a baptism. YEY. The water heater at our church building was messed up so we had to do it in really cold water. That's okay though, it will be an experience to remember. 

There was a cool story we heard this week. The story goes like this. There was 3 kids walking home from school. There were two athletic kids and one heftier kid. On there way home they passed train tracks and thought of a game they could play. They wanted to see who could balance the longest on the track. The two athletic boys went first. The first athletic boy got on and fell off immediately. The other athletic kid was able to balance a little longer than the first but fell off quickly as well. The heftier kid got on the track and was able to balance several minutes before falling off. As they kept walking home the two athletic kids asked how he was able to stay on. He said "i kept looking forward". I wasn't getting distracted by what was around me. I just kept my eyes on something that was in front of me. I loved that story. Helps us remember we need to keep that eternal perspective. 

Hope you all have a great week. 
-Elder Loertscher
Here is our zone. 
Meet Joshua. Our baptism

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