Monday, October 12, 2015

Stay on the Path September 28th

This week was good. We are having a struggle getting people to come to church. It is funny how the Sabbath has changed so much in the past little while. It was the sabbath day then to sunday and now to everyone its just the weekend. We have lost the sense of sacredness and we arent making it a delight. Its so frustrating as a missionary when you teach people all week and they promise to come to church but dont show up. Other than people not coming to church we had a good week. We were able to meet with and teach a lot of our investigators. We were also able to pick up a lot of new investigators. We went on 2 exchanges this week. One with our assistants which was a lot of fun. We saw some great success. The other was with a district leader in our zone and his companion. This one was rough. We went to Arvin which is known as little Mexico. We knocked doors for an hour and talked to one English person. It was so frustrating but that is what we have to do out in our area. We cover a lot of Spanish and have to filter through all of the Spanish speakers and find the English ones. Our area is like 20-30 minutes away from the church so that is also part of the struggle because to them church is in a different town. One of the last doors we knocked was English so it was a big relief. Just goes to show that persistence brings success. This week i came down with a little bit of a cold. That was fun. I was sneezing so much. 

So i chose the title stay off the path because this week it was pretty funny. Elder Fernandes and I were driving to our area one day and there is a back road that no one really is ever on. So as zone leaders we switch off who drives each day. It was his day to drive. So we were driving and we decided to do a little faith building exercise so Elder Fernandes closed his eyes kept driving and we were going to see how straight he could drive. I told him that i would correct him if he got near the edge of the road. We did this exercise over and over again and he couldn't keep it straight. After we stopped we talked about how crazy it is that slowly he went off the road. It wasn't a immediate change but it came gradually. We compared that to the gospel. Not all at once will we just leave the church or quit practicing our beliefs but slowly Satan will work with us and eventually we will get close to the edge. I love how literally everything applies to the gospel. 

I cant express how excited I am for general conference. Make sure you have questions!

There was a baptism in our zone that we went to so here is a picture from that. 

​Here is a part member family we are working with. They are really cool. His wife and son are going to be baptized here in a few weeks.

Have a great week. 

-Elder Loertscher

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