Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Conference Week!

Monday- we had a zone activity. We played kickball, volleyball, and basketball. It was so much fun. then we went to our bishops house for dinner. 
Tuesday- We went to follow up with a potential we found last week and when we got to the door some guy answered and it wasn't who we were looking for but we talked to him a little bit and we asked if we could come inside and teach him about our message and we did and he loved it. So it felt refreshing to get a new investigator. We had a funny experience today while we were tracting we go to this one door and we knocked it. as soon as i stepped back from knocking on the door my companion jumped like towards me scared. I looked over and right next to his foot was what he though was a snake. We reexamined and saw it was just a lizard but he was so scared it was hilarious. 
Wednesday- We went to a members house with one of our recent converts and we did some family history work with them. It was super awesome. Other than that we tried to contact some and didn't get any funny experiences again but we did get some more potentials. 
Thursday- We had weekly planning and then a member took us to chipotle. It was awesome
Friday- We had zone training meeting which was super awesome. After we all went to eat at chipotle for lunch. After lunch we got  a call to help move a 1500 lbs piano. It was so heavy. Only 3 people were helping so yeah you can imagine how that went. When we had to do the hardest part it was crazy these two big guys were close by walking and came and helped us so that was a cool miracle. Then our dinner cancelled and right after it cancelled another member called asking if we were open for dinner so we got a dinner it was awesome. 
Saturday- we watched general conference all day basically. We did in between sessions go to the store. While we went there we saw this little kid who was in the boy scouts selling candy bars to raise money. He saw us and gave it to us for free. He was so nice. while we were talking to the boy this man came up bashed on Mormons and then said 'you young Mormons I will show you what God can do"and then he pulled out $5 and bout 5 candies. It was so funny. 
Sunday- we watched general conference and then we went to dinner at an awesome members house and then after we went and did a little Easter egg hunt with a member in their backyard with all of their family. It was awesome. 

​Our bishops house is up on the mountain. It has a great view of palmdale. 

​some sweet clouds this morning on the mountains

I hope you all had a great Easter. Have a great week

Elder Loertscher


Monday- we played a lot of basketball. One of our investigators came and played with us so that was super cool.
Tuesday- We had a follow up zone conference with our mission president. That was super cool. He gave some great insight to how we are doing as a mission and how we can continue to progress the work.
Wednesday- We were supposed to go do some family history work with one of our recent converts but they bailed on us. I hate it when appointments fall through. We had a member with us for dinner to go to this single ladies house. She is so awesome. Today was just a lot of finding.
Thursday- We did our weekly planning and then we met with one of our investigators at the library and had another great lesson. Later in the night we wanted to get creative with our finding so the zone leaders and us went up to the rich part of palmdale in our areas and we invited a bunch of people to come play soccer. It was awesome. We got so many sweet potentials out of it. 
Friday- We had district meeting which went super well. Elder J and myself gave the training to the missionaries on How To Begin Teaching. It was super awesome. After lunch we had a lesson with an investigator but they cancelled on us last minute. We had already picked up a priest to go with us so we took him our tracting with us. We had so much success. It was the first time we really tracted the sisters old area our new area. We got 3 or 4 awesome potentials out of like knocking about 20 doors. 
Saturday- We started moving this one family at like 8:30. We helped them move until 10:00. Then we went over to a non members house and helped her move from 10:30 to about 1:30. So we got in a lot of service hours. After we ate dinner with one of our investigators and watched " on the lords errand " video about Thomas S Monson. Then we went and taught a less active member. We taught him the restoration. It was super good for him to hear that. 
Sunday- Today was "shotgun Sunday" There was like 25 extra minutes in sacrament and so bishop was calling people up. I was sure that we were going to get called up but we didn't. 

This week was good with finding and teaching and receiving counsel from our president. 

Make sure you ask questions you want answered during conference. I already have 10 that I am asking. 

We had to make moving a little fun.

​Here is the yugioh room. Well like 1/4 of it. 

Have a great week

Elder Loertscher