Monday, October 12, 2015

Push yourself don't settle for AVERAGE August 10,2015

This week went really well. We has MLC (mission leadership council) with president and all of the other zone leaders. That was awesome to be at. There was some great guidance given on how we can improve the work in the mission. On Thursday we had weekly planning and we had to plan for our zone training meeting Friday with our whole zone. That meeting went really well. After ZTM we had exchanges with our assistants that we do once a transfer. I stayed in our area and went with Elder Crandall. Boy did we have a lot of success. This was the most successful day of my entire mission so far. We found 9 new investigators and they are all at different houses so hopefully we will start to be able to teach there whole families. This week we also met with some of our investigators and the one is SO SET to be baptized on August 22nd. We are setting up his interview for this week. Today has been a blast so far. We went golfing with two members. We did 18 wholes. Elder Forsey did golfing in high school so he was really good. He gave me a few pointers and i did good as well. I also this week hit 1 year. Time is flying by. Its hard to keep track of it anymore. We are getting fed pretty good in this ward. We are eating ribs tonight which will be the 7th time already since I've been in the ward but hey I'm not complaining there are some great cooks. There was something that caught my attention this week in studies. In the 4 gospels when Jesus Christ says be ye perfect even as your father who art in heaven. The JST to that scripture says that it is a commandment to be perfect. So how do we do that? 1 nephi 3:7 he won't give us a commandment that we don't have a way to accomplish it. He gives us opportunities to be perfect. He doesn't expect us to be perfect at all times but we do have opportunities to try and thats all he wants. Progression. I know school is starting back up again so i hope you all have enjoyed the summer. Have a great week. 

​Here is the East Bakersfield Zone.

Elder Loertscher

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