Monday, October 12, 2015

Baptism Weekend August 24,2015

We will start with the highlight of the week which was our baptism. Felix is going to be a great member. At his baptism when he was getting ready to walk into the water I felt the spirit stronger than i have ever felt my entire mission. When he came up out of the water I was filled with so much joy. Seeing how the Gospel of Jesus Christ can bless someones life amazes me. We are lucky to have the truth. 
       Aside from our baptism this week was pretty good. We had our meeting with President Wilson and the Stake President to discuss the missionary work going on in the Stake. We went on exchanges with a set of missionaries in our zone. One of them goes home next week. It is crazy to see missionaries that are going home. It scares me how fast that day will come. But till then i got plenty of time to bring people into the waters of baptism. We had 2 investigators come to church which was awesome. They both have dates for the middle of next month so hopefully all goes well and we can continue to baptize. There was something that Elder F and I noticed this week. In the picture where Christ is at the door knocking we noticed something. Something missing. Before you keep reading look at the picture and see if you notice what is gone? Did you notice what was missing? The door handle. There is not one. In any depiction of that picture there is never a door handle. We pondered on why that was. Christ will never force his way to be with us. We always have to let him in. He will ALWAYS be there we just have to listen for that knock at the door and be prepared to answer. Another thing we noticed is the way that he is knocking. He always appears to be knocking very quietly. We need to eliminate all the distractions in our life that can be keeping us away from hearing him at the door. 

I have a very strong testimony of this church and of this work. These are the last days so hopefully we all have a sense of urgency to bring others into the fold of God. Look for opportunities to share the gospel. I hope you all are settling into school okay. Have a great week.

-Elder Loertscher

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