Friday, July 10, 2015

May 19 Expect Great Things

Wow what an incredible week. I don't remember all that happened this week because yesterday was so awesome. We had an incredible privilege to have Bruce A. Carlson of the Seventy come and speak with us. We had half of the mission there. We had that yesterday which is why our pday is today. Anyways this past week we had a few lesson with investigators and a few cancel. We have a few investigators with a baptism date. We found two new investigators this week. We are finding people like crazy. The mission is good. So now to the highlight of the week.

The focus of the zone conference was "Becoming A More Consecrated Missionary"
We received training from our mission president, his wife, and Elder Carlson. The conference was from 9-5 with and hour break for lunch. He gave an awesome analogy with a pickle jar and flees. If you put 200 ish flees in a pickle jar and leave the top off they will all jump out of the jar within two hours. If you do the same thing again but this time you put plastic wrap over the top the flees will try to jump out but cant. Eventually they will "GIVE UP" and not try to jump out. If you then take the plastic wrap off and give them the opportunity to jump out they wont because they don't expect to be able to. They will all multiply and they will teach their children to not jump out. Now we have two generations of flees who don't want to jump out. They are living beneath their potential but something incredible happens when you put 4 new flees into the jar. The 4 new flees expect to jump out so they will. All of the other flees will realize that they are able to do the same thing and within two hours all the flees will be out of the jar.

An amazing principle is taught here even if it is just flees haha. The way he used this analogy to missionary work is we are expecting to baptize 30-40 people each month. We have been trained by old missionaries who have always had 30 to 40 baptisms a month. Its what we expect. The push in the mission right now is to get to 60-70 baptisms a month. The missionaries that came into the mission two years ago when it was created are leaving. We need to teach these new missionaries we can baptize way more than what we are now and it is what they will expect and then it will become a trend with the missionaries to come. Now this example applies to you in your lives out of the mission field. It can apply in many ways. Think about how it can apply to you and how you can reach you full potential and also help others get to theirs. He gave so many other great teachings that are so inspiring. General Authorities have a crazy awesome spirit to them.

I hope you all have a great week. 
Elder Loertscher

​We ate at a members house this week and their kids decided to have a food fight which ended up on our white shirts. Which is why we are wearing different clothes. We then proceeded to just wash their whole back yard with soap and the hose. So much fun haha 

​Last Saturday we helped set up this giant festival. One of the members of the ward is on the PTA board and the HOA board so she always asks for our help to set up things. We were here from like 9-3:30 it was so much fun. Great opportunity to meet so many people. There was a bunch of games and stuff. This was the boy scouts booth to raise money for camps.

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