Friday, July 10, 2015

Mothers Day Week

Monday- We played basketball and a lot of it. Then we went to dinner at our bishops house.
Tuesday- In the morning we helped moved 100 bags of mulch into a guys backyard. Then we spent some time tracting. We had a member present lesson right after dinner and contacted some referrals that we got.
Wednesday- We went to this members house at 8 am and helped them moved mulch into the flower bed we made the previous Saturday where we dug all those holes. We finished at 12:30. It was just Elder J and I and the member. The member took us out to eat after so that was awesome. Then we had an appointment at the chiropractor for Elder J. We had another member present lessons after dinner.  
Thursday- We had a busy day today to the point where we were not even able to do weekly planning. We had 2 more lessons with members today with our investigators and then we had 2 less active lessons
Friday- We had Zone Training Meeting this morning. After we ate lunch and went contacting a little. didn't find anyone new. We had an early dinner because we had to go help set up for our wards movie night. We played Meet the Mormons for the ward and invited a bunch of investigators and less actives. it was awesome. Such a good movie. If you haven't seen it highly recommend it. That was my second time and i still would watch it over and over. After we had coordination with the ward mission leader
Saturday- We helped a lady in our ward move a bunch of boxes from her house to her garage. We also had another less active lesson. 
Sunday- We sang in church for the moms. that went well. We were able to skype with the family and that was super awesome. It was great to see them. 

Too much mulch

​ We hit our 9 months together and its missionary tradition to take a "pregnancy" picture

have a great week. 

Elder Loertscher

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