Saturday, January 17, 2015

December 8th-

This week was crazy. So many things happened. 
Monday- It was our zone activity and we played volleyball for the longest time. It was so much fun. 
Tuesday- We did service so much today. We helped this older lady rake her yard. We raked so much. After we finished that we ate lunch and then helped this less active guy who is in a wheelchair clean out his RV. It rained briefly today
Wednesday- We went to the temple for Elder P birthday. We went with the YSA elders. When we got back we were supposed to have a lesson with one of our investigators but it fell through. 
Thursday- We had weekly planning and tried to go visit our investigator family but they keep making up excuses to not meet with us so it fell though also.
Friday- We had district meeting and contacted referrals. We had bikes this half of the week and it started down pouring really bad. We were at the bottom of our area and we had to bike a 15 minute bike ride in the pouring rain. We got soaked. When we walked into the members house for dinner we could ring out our pants with all the water. We didn't get to dry off at all so during dinner we were cold and wet. Oh also the weather is like 50's so it was cold. 
Saturday- We had the ward Christmas party today. It was so much fun getting to do that with the ward. 
Sunday- We got transfer calls and i am training a missionary and i am getting moved to Palmdale. Transfers are on Tuesday so i will be getting a new area this week. I am really excited. 

"the work is demanding but the impact is everlasting"

Work hard in everything that you do. Don't let people affect who you want to be or become. 

Have a great week everyone

Elder Loertscher

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I Love this Picture Of Elder Loertscher! Mom

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