Saturday, January 17, 2015

January 12

Monday- We played a lot of basketball for pday. We then cleaned our apartment up. 
Tuesday- We showed up to a former investigators apartment complex. When we got there there was this lady who needed our help with something and she was explaining to us this long drawn out story. We then proceeded to tell her we couldnt help. We checked our planner to find the address. Well we go knock on the door. Guess who is there. This lady. We thought that it was pretty funny. We were going to have a lesson but she told us to go back later. After we went and saw a less active and read some general conference talks with him. 
Wednesday- We had zone conference. It was so good. The main theme was faith. We talked about how faith without works is dead. We also talked about how we can get the members involved in the work. 
Thursday- We did weekly planning. Then we went over to our recent converts house and held a Family Home Evening with them. It was super fun. We talked about obedience and we read the story of noah building the arc and obeying gods commandments. Then we played simon says as our activity. 
Friday- We had zone training meeting. We talked about how we as missionaries need to catch the vision for ourselves of what our mission president has in mind and his goals. Then we went and had a lesson with one of our investigators. While in the process my pedal on my bike fell of and the bolt came loose. So we had to fix that. 
Saturday- After we did studies we went out and tried to go visit some formers but on the way Elder Earnshaw ran over a thumb tack and popped the tube in his tire. So we had to walk his bike back about 2 miles. Then go get a new tube and fix it. Then we hurried and ran over to a members house to help him prepare his talk for sacrament. Then we went to dinner and then went to some meetings we had to attend. 
Sunday- Church was really good. We helped him prepare the talk but he didnt show up. So Elders H and C stepped in and they spoke of the fly. They did an amazing job. 

Friday through Sunday it was raining almost all day everyday. I love biking in the cold rain :)

Learn From Yesterday
Live For Today
Hope For Tomorrow

"he never promised that we would not weep. He only promised that he would wipe away our tears"

The focus this week was on the atonement. Use it. It is a great gift given to us so we can become who God wants us to be. 

I hope you all have a great week

Elder Loertscher

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