Saturday, January 17, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

This week was awesome. We had a lot of service. On Wednesday we went to the homeless shelter and helped out for a couple of hours. Being there is such a humbling experience. We got to serve them food and before we helped cut the meat and prepare all the stuff. On saturday we broke a concrete slab with a jack hammer. It was so much fun to use it. We got to use a sledge hammer and destroy a fireplace. They needed a lot done to their backyard so we helped. This week we also finally got to meet with one of our investigator families. They were super cool. We got them committed to a baptism date so hopefully they can progress well to it.  Yesterday for my birthday this family invited us over for dinner. We ate pork chops and potato salad. Their daughter had her one year old birthday on Saturday so they had an extra cake that we got to eat. It was awesome. Then after dinner we showed up back home and some sisters in our district and zone decorated our apartment door and made cookies. It was an awesome week. 


Make sure you let others know what you are thankful for. 

Elder Loertscher

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