Saturday, January 17, 2015

December 22nd

Monday- I got a cold. We did our normal pday routines.

Tuesday- I really got the affects of the cold so today was spent inside sleeping

Wednesday- We got invited to spend it with two different families. At 5:00 we came to the church and played basketball and ate pizza and spent time with this one family in our ward they are awesome. Then later we went and spent some time with the Soukup family. 

Thursday- We got picked up by a member and he took us back to his house and we got to skype for a little bit and eat with them. So everytime someone asks me the question what is the worst thing you have eaten on your mission. The next meal I get by a member tops it off. On skype someone asked me what the worst meal was. I had only had one before. For christmas we ate prime rib. The meat was cooked rare. I like my meat well done. It was still bleeding it was so rare. So yeah that was a fun experience. After we went to another families house and ate a second dinner. There they got a pogo stick for christmas. It was a vertigo. It is like a super pogo stick. That was so much fun to use. Then we went back to the Soukups and spent the rest of our night there until we had to go home

Friday- We had district meeting and we spent today doing our weekly planning and tried to contact some of our investigators. We had a lesson with one of our recent converts which was nice. We are starting to teach the new member lessons. 

Saturday- We did service at our Bishops house for like 6 hours. We cut down trees and got firewood. We also went "rock hounding". Ask me at another time what that is. After we took showers and proselyted the rest of the night

Sunday- We went to church. After we tried to go see some less actives. Which we did come in contact with and we had some really good lessons. Today I finally had my first bike crash. It was a fun one. I flipped over my handle bars and then my bike flipped over me. It was awesome. My companion got a kick out of it. 

This week was awesome. I hope this week you remembered the true meaning of Christmas. 
I hope this week is great for you all. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Make some resolutions.... and actually do them. A lot of us are guilty for thinking of some but then never doing them. 

Elder Loertscher 

​Our zone leaders being goofy. Elder H(left in Santa suit) got asked to help out with something for a family. It was so funny. Great Elders

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