Monday, November 17, 2014

Oct 27th- Nov 2

This week was a really good week. This week we got a referral and decided to stop by his house. When we showed up the man came outside to meet us. He welcomed us in. We taught his the restoration and we set him with a baptism date. The YSA work is really hard and faith testing. We are doing really good though. Our area hasn't had a baptism in like almost a year. We are about to have our second one this Saturday. It is so exciting. This weekend I got food poisoning or the stomach flu and got sick super bad. I'm a still a little bit sick but hopefully it will get better because we haven't done much work the past few days because I have been inside trying to get better. In our mission you get to go to the temple during the month of your birthday. So you pick a day in the month and you get to go. We are going to go tomorrow with our ward mission leader. I am so excited. I heard the LA temple is amazing. The weather is starting to cool down. Its in the 60's. We saw some rain the other day. It was amazing because California is in a really bad drought so it helped alot. Mixed feelings about this week but it was good to get a new investigator because that is something we have been struggling with for a while now.

A good quote my mom sent me that I wanted to share
"Don't pray for easy lives. Pray for tasks equal to your powers. Pray for powers equal to your tasks. Then the doing of your work shall be no miracle. YOU shall be the miracle" (Phillip Brooks) 

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Us on the way to district meeting with the zone leaders

Hope you all have a great week 

Elder Loertscher

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