Thursday, September 18, 2014

This Week

Monday September 8th-
It was p day we deep cleaned. I cleaned the bathrooms living room and study room. We took the car for a wash. Went to walmart. Went to golden corral. A guy in the ward works there so we went and ate at the buffet for free. Then we went home and relaxed. Then went to dinner with another member. It was his last day before he left for college. He is my favorite member besides Sam the ward mission leader. Today we saw some weird things. 

Tuesday September 9th-  
We met with an investigator and found out where he was at. He knew what we were teaching was true and he told us that but he cant get over the fact it is different from what he grew up in so we dropped him because he didn't want to change.

Wednesday September 10th
During lunch today me and Elder M broke out in a juggling war with the soccer ball. I won. We have a mini ball so it is tough. We then tried to visit people but no one was really home so we tracted and got alot of doors where people slammed them and said they weren't interested. Then you have some people who say they admire what we are doing and go and grab us a bottle of water and tell us they are not interested. I love people like that. If you aren't interested that's awesome but be nice about it. Then we went and ate dinner at Bishops house. It was super nice. There dinner table has a bunch of peoples names carved into them. I got to carve mine into it with a screw driver. In my mind i thought what my mom would say if i did this to her table. 

Thursday September 11th-
Just a day filled with planning for the next week. 

Friday September 12th- 
Normal morning routine and then off to district meeting. One of the sisters that came down with me to the mtc went home this week. It was super hard for her i guess but she went home so we had a new sister. She is pretty cool. Today we went to the doctor for me because my eye has been crazy red lately. Elder M said we needed to go to the doctor so we went. We got there late because we didnt have the right address. I have really bad allergies so i got some pills and eye drops. 

I am running low on time so i am going to leave with my usual words of wisdom 

"You are who you hang around"

"prayer is your personal key to heaven and the lock is on your side of the veil". So true the "ball is on our side of the court" so to say. Pray Pray Pray i cant stress the importance. Also our prayers should not be a wish list or series of requests. 

Then HYMN #128 Pay attention to the words.

I will not doubt, I will not fear
Gods love and strength are always near
His promised gift helps me to find
An inner peace of strength and mind
I give the father willingly
My trust, my prayers, humility
His spirit guides: his love assures
That fear departs when faith endures

Have faith is all i can say the words are so powerful and speak for themselves

Everyone here things i look like joseph smith from the restoration video when he was like 16 so everyone calls me either. ELDER L, ELDER LOBSTER, or Young Joseph.

I had a good week i hope you all did as well


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