Monday, September 8, 2014

WOW! what a crazy amazing week

Wow what a crazy amazing week. I forgot my journal at home so i cant give a day by day I see way to many people each day I couldnt remember everything. There are some cool things i would like to share with you guys this week. 
At night here in Bakersfield they have a police chopper out from the hours of 8:00 till like 4:00 in the morning. They fly around and shine there light everywhere to just keep a eye on the city. It is crazy. Also you are never not hearing police sirens go off. Its kinda annoying but you get used to it really fast. 

Also this week i almost died. TWICE. My companion Elder M dozed off a little while driving let me take you through these two experiences. 
The first one- WE are going about 30 MPH and Elder M zones out he starts driving in the other lane. Shortly ahead we needed to turn left. This car was coming straight for us. I thought Elder M was playing chicken with the other car. He cut them off and turned all without knowing. Me on the other hand watched the car sped right for my side of the car. Barely missing us. thought i was going to die. My life flashed before my eyes. 
Second- Wow elder M dozed off again. What a surprise. 
The GPS started being weird and he looked at it while straight ahead was an intersection that was a 4 way stop. We DIDNT STOP. The inner DALE EARNHARDT came out as he would say. He is from north carolina they love there nascar. So we blew through the 4 way stop almost hitting people and getting hit. Car horns were coming out like nothing it was bad. So yeah the Lord protects his missionaries and i can attest to that by real life experiences. 

There was this quote that i read this week that i really like
"I think ive been worrying to much about what everybody else thinks and not enough about what God thinks" How true is this. We get caught up in how other people view us, or who we are friends with. WHO CARES? WHO REALLY CARES? We should be more worried about how we are conducting ourselves and aligning ourselves with our Heavenly Fathers will for us. 

Here are some more
"Demand improvement of yourself. He will be there to help you" 
"The gospel of Jesus Christ isnt our weight its our wings"
And my favorite
"He doesnt expect PERFECTION he expects progression". I like that one a lot because how true is it. We cant obtain perfection in this life. But we can progress thats for sure. I really like that one. 

Okay for this it is going to be hard for me to because i cant read it to you. Read it then picture it in your eyes. i just this week came across my mtc journal. Our teacher told us this and i wanted to share it with you. 
Picture this. You are walking down the road and out of no where a meteor comes and kills you. You dont know where you are at. Its all white around you and you are just walking. While walking you see someone. You dont know who it is. You start walking closer you see that it is our savior Jesus Christ. How do you feel? What are you going to say to him? This goes to show that things can change very quickly. Conduct your life as if you are going to see the savior and our Heavenly Father tomorrow. Stand "SPOTLESS" before them. 

Go read this talk below it is short should only take a couple minutes to read. When reading it really focus on times that you have gotten mad at someone for something super simple things. I had a very humble experience with this. I say things that i shouldn't over simple stuff like this. Lets watch how we speak to people and what we get mad over. After reading over this i have a lot of apologizing to do. 

I love you all thank you for your support. I would love to hear from you. If you want to write a letter ask my mom for the address. 


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