Sunday, September 7, 2014

Week Two

August 25th 
It was pday and the ward activity was mud volleyball. I have some pictures its was such a fun activity. It was super depressing that we couldn't play though. It turned into a mud fight it was funny. our ward mission leader is THE FUNNIEST GUY i have ever met. He never ceases to make me laugh a lot. 

August 26th 
It was a pretty normal day. We went out to eat at in n out for dinner then we went on splits with out ward mission leader and the elders quorum president. Splits were funny. Our ward mission leader kept making the funniest jokes. Ask me sometime what it means to be "BROWED". Its the funniest thing ever. 

August 27th
We did some service today and we were dealing with dirt. We were raking up leaves and dust was flying up in the air. In the dirt there is something called valley fever. its a disease that you can get by inhaling the dirt. So that was fun because we did not have any masks so we may or may not have valley fever??? After cleaning we went and ate lunch with our ward mission leader. We had some seafood salsa stuff and some other food. It was pretty good. I cant complain. 

August 28th 
Today was planning day and planning is from 12-4. After we went tracting and went to visit some members. We had visited a member of the ward and he told us was going to institute and there was an activity. We decided to go to it. The activity was capture the flag. Um young adults can get really violent when playing that game. Some kid cut his finger open. We played inside the institute building it was so much fun. 

August 29th 
We had district meeting. We have to drive an hour each Friday to go to it. it is kind of annoying. After we went out to eat. We visited some less activities out there and then we came back to our house for dinner. Elder M said that he was going to take a nap. I decided to take one also. We ended up over sleeping by thirty minutes and was a little late to an activity. Tonight we went and played ultimate frisbee in the cultural hall of the stake center. It was super fun. We have a lot of activities in our ward. 

I'm going to skip the last two days because I am running low on time. 

A couple things I wanted to touch on.
Our bishop grows THE COTTON CANDY GRAPES. If you have ever gone into sprouts and seen them they come from California. He pattented the idea and so he is the only one who can grow them. He makes $200,000 an acre. 

Next realize that our trials and struggles are the lord trying to shape us into who he wants us to become
watch that short video it is three minutes and I love it so much. That is one thing I have had to realize. I need to let the lord guide me and make me who he wants me to become


If you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything 

I love you all and hope you are doing well 

Love, Elder Loertscher
Next go to youtube and watch " Crazy Hot Matrix" a member of the ward said his dad sent this to him. He was explaining it and it sounds really funny. Watch it and let me know.

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