Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Another week down June 6,2016

This week flew by. A lot of cool stuff happened. First the weather is heating up the hottest it got this week was 109 and it is going to here in a few weeks stay in the 112 to 120 range. Let me tell you how hot it is. We looked at the weather. The other day the humidity was at 7%. Back home in Texas it was 81%. I cant take this heat. It is out of this world. It is so dry. But we found an awesome solution to this problem. So members go to Lancaster all the time to go to Costco and they got us these water bottles that are called Takeya. They keep your cold water insulated for 24 hours. So we put ice in it in the morning and it stays in there all day. These things are life savers. Then we took the water bottles to a members house and she put some vinyl on it. They look pretty good. 

This week with it being the first of the month we had our normal stuff. We had Mission Leadership Council on Wednesday down in Tehachapi. It was president and sister Wilson's last one. They leave come July 1st. That will be a sad day. We also had our zone training meeting Friday. This time around everyone was relatively quiet which is always frustrating. 

This week was slower and we are still trying to find new people to teach. We have a few appointments this upcoming week that we can hopefully pick up new investigators. 

At MLC we were taught an amazing principle. One that honestly has impacted me the most on my mission. Our mission president taught it to us from a talk by elder Bednar. The talk is entitled quick to observe. I will put the link below. I would highly recommend reading it. Powerful principles are taught. Hopefully we can all be quick to observe. 

Hope you all have a great week.

​Our zone

-Elder Loertscher

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