Monday, July 11, 2016

Interesting Week! 7/11/16

Well this week was another interesting one. It was pretty busy. On Tuesday we had our Mission Leadership Council. It was a long one. We ate lunch at 1230 and then from 1 to 445 we had our meeting. We left directly from the church building in Tehachapi to go to the stake center in Ridgecrest. We had a meeting at 6 with the Stake President and the Mission President. That was an interesting one because it was so different with President Layton. He has the same vision just a way different way of going about it. After our meeting we went and visited a recent convert with our mission president. We taught about family history and temples using the new pamphlets we have. It was interesting we got a phone call from that recent convert Wednesday morning and she said that her sister had just passed away. So the timing of the lesson was really good because she understood the importance of the temple and how it can help her family. She is the only member so she has a lot of work to do. On Wednesday we had to plan for our zone training meeting on Friday. After we finished that we had splits with our members Wednesday night. Elder Puyogao and one of the members went and visited a recent convert and i went with our ward mission leader tracting. That was pretty interesting. On Friday we had a really good meeting with our zone. We hope that we will be able to make July a good month. On Saturday we were contacting people on this part member family list that we have and one of the people on the list were really inactive. They almost called the cops on us. That was an interesting contact. Then on Sunday morning we woke up and someone had egged our truck. We were going to clean it after church but when we walked out of church someone had already cleaned it in the parking lot so that was pretty cool. Sunday night we got together with the high council representative over missionary work and all the ward mission leaders in the stake and we talked about how we can get the missionary vision to the members of the wards. It was a good little meeting. Other than that this week will be good. All of the missionaries that go home this transfer are going to the temple on Friday so that will be fun and interesting. 

Oh something that is interesting. Our mission presidents great grandfather founded Layton, Utah. 

Hope you all have a good week.

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Here is our new mission president and his wife. She is pretty tall.
-Elder Loertscher
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