Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Changing things Up! May 9,2016

This week FLEW by. But then again almost none of the week was spent in our area. Tuesday we had a few lessons because the next few days we wouldn't be in Ridgecrest. Wednesday morning we woke and drove down to Tehachapi for a meeting. We had our monthly Mission Leadership Council. It went really well. There we decided that we are going to switch up our contacting approach as a mission. It used to be this thing called "No Outs" so if someone said they were busy just kind of distract them from why they were busy and keep teaching them. Now we are sharing a brief message and asking them if they would be interested in hearing more. Those two being polar opposites you could imagine how it would be a little awkward at first which it was. but we are slowly getting the hang of it and it is becoming more effective. The purpose of it is so that we can talk with more people and actually find those that are prepared to hear our message.

 After that meeting we drove down to Palmdale for an exchange with our assistants. That went pretty well also. It was super funny. At night we went to visit one of their recent converts. She has a bunch of little kids, so one of them and I start play fighting. The other brother who is even younger thought we were really fighting so he took the banana peel from the banana he was eating and threw it at me. I wasnt looking at him so out of no where a banana peel hit me right in the face. It was pretty funny how defensive he was over his brother. The elder i was with got a big kick out of it. 

Thursday morning when we left to drive back to Ridgecrest out car battery would start so we had to wait for a member to come jump us. Then we drove it to Pep Boys. They weren't helping us be time effective at all. It took 3 hours for us to get in and get out of there. They put us last on the list. So we did not get home until like 5:30. Then we had to plan for our meeting for Friday which we had not done yet. So we rushed to plan that because we had a lesson at 7. 

Friday we drove up to Lone Pine for our Zone Training Meeting. It went really well also. A lot of information was given. We introduced to our zone the new pamphlets that we received. They are really cool. 

Saturday we had another baptism. It was nice because it was a part member family and the dad was able to baptism his son. it was a nice moment for them you could tell. 

Things are going well. It was nice to be able to talk with the family Sunday night. Hope you all have a great week.

-Elder Loertscher

​this was a picture we took after MLC. 

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