Monday, April 11, 2016

Humble Yourself As A Little Child March 28, 2016

So I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. Things were really good over here in California. We had a really cool experience. We went to contact an investigator and when we got there these little kids kept interrupting us every 2 minutes as we were teaching. It was a little frustrating. They had a little lemonade and tea stand and they wanted us to come get some but obviously we were teaching. They kept coming back and the mom was getting mad and told them to wait. After we were done teaching we were walking away and they asked if we wanted some. Unfortunately we didn't have any change on us or money. The children were so excited with the stand they made and wanted to just make a few "sales" so they turned to us after giggling and talking one with another and said "you don't have to pay. God Bless" Now these kids were probably 5-7 years old. When they said "you don't have to pay" and spoke the words God Bless i was humbled. Sounds like a silly story but it had a big impact. I thought it was funny how the mom vocally was getting mad at the kids for interrupting (and us thinking it but not saying anything). But as they said that the words came to my head " Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven." It reminded me to looks for ways to always be Christlike. We saw a video of something that is so awesome. That is the link below. Watch and see.

This upcoming week we have a baptism on Sunday of general conference. It will be a few hours after. 

Sorry for not emailing last week and this one being so short this week but things are busy. 

Have a great week.

-Elder Loertscher

Our Easter video we have been sharing with all of those people we get in contact with.

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