Monday, April 11, 2016

A Marvelous Work Is About to Come Forth March 14, 2016

So I got some great news. Our YSA investigator fasted and prayed to know if and when he should be baptized. He said after church that he received and answer that he couldn't deny and that he was all set to be baptized. Now its just a matter of when so we will figure all those specifics out but it was cool to hear that he was able to receive an answer. 

Also we had the interview for our quartz hill baptism and he is good to go. It was supposed to be this upcoming Saturday but his mom cant make it this weekend so it is getting moved to the 26th. 

We are teaching someone right now who has no real religious background and he is grasping the gospel really well. He can fell how this is going to change his life. He is amazed at how 2 20 year olds could leave there home and go share this with people. In one of his prayers this week at the end of one of our lessons he said " heavenly father please bless me that i wont let these elders down and disappoint them" and he started to cry and then finished his prayer. It is truly amazing to be able to witness individuals make a 180 in their lives. He wants to make those changes and plans on it. Such an inspiring guy. 

This week what really made me ponder how i am living my life is a talk/devotional entitled "Conversion of a Catholic Priest" . I don't know how you all would be able to view that talk but if you are able to find it i would highly recommend it because it helped remind me of how important it is to truly be converted to the gospel. And if we are converted what we are willing to do? Hopefully we are able to look inward and ask ourselves that question. "Where Is My Conversion". If it isn't where it needs to be that's okay because we can always change. Hopefully we make those changes quickly and promptly. But I do know that true joy comes from living the Gospel in its fullness. I love the quote that "selective obedience brings selective blessings"

To hear the talk go to google and type in "Conversion story of Bill Carpenter". Its amazing

​We got to eat with a family we were really close with in Palmdale. So much fun. 

Have a great week. 


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