Thursday, February 4, 2016

What Lack I Yet February 1,2016

Well our investigator got baptized :) 

It was another great week in great Lancaster California. Our zone had a record high week. We found 44 new investigators. We have not had that high of a week in a while. We have 8 companionship's. So some did there part others are still working on it. We ourselves had a record high week. We found 15 new investigators. A lot who seem to have really good potential. Our baptism that was supposed to be happening next weekend is getting pushed back to February 13 and the one that was scheduled for the 13th is getting pushed back to probably the 27th. But they are both still on track due to teaching though we needed to move them. In YSA ward we spoke. I gave a talk on the Gospel Of Jesus Christ. Elder Boy spoke on the blessings of obedience. Both were really good talks. No one was at YSA though. There were maybe 30 people. Everyone was gone because someone from Quartz Hill got home from her mission. We didn't make it back to the home ward in time so we were not able to hear her speak but we heard it was really good as well. 

We went on exchanges this week and had the best time. As we were driving this slug bug in front of us hit a tumbleweed and it got stuck on her car. As we got to the light the elder I was with got out grabbed it and threw it on the side of the road. Well tumbleweed have needles all in them so we had to sit there for like 5 minutes picking them all out. it was hilarious. 

Sorry were short on time. But it was a great week and so many funny things happened.  

Have a great week everyone. 

-Elder Loertscher

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