Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Recipe For Revelation February 8,2016

Dang this week FLEW by. We had so many meetings this week. On Monday we met with the stake representative over missionary work and gave him our zone totals for the month of January for our meeting with President Wilson and President Crawley on ThursdayOn Tuesday we were able to go out and have a productive day. We were able to find an awesome investigator. He is so willing to find out if these things are true. So hopefully as we continue to meet with him he can progress. Wednesday we drove down to Tehachapi for Mission Leadership Council. Those are always some of my favorite meetings. We really get to council and figure out how as a mission leadership we can help the work move forward. Wednesday night we had to plan for ZTM which was on FridayFriday we had ZTM which also went well.  Our missionaries in our zone are slowly getting the vision. Were on the right track.

 This week we taught a bunch of lessons. It was super funny. One of the lessons we had this week we decided to have inside (we normally meet with him outside) because it was pretty cold outside. We went and sat down on the couch and immediately I could see my breath. We were puzzled because it was 10x colder inside than it was outside. We also found this new guy who has had a pretty big track record with the church. He has been to several youth conferences, church services, and other church related activities. We got a call from the Institute front desk lady saying that this guy referred himself to take the lessons. He has heard some of the missionary lessons in the past but he told us he really wants to take them serious this time. So we went and met with him and he is definitely prepared for baptism. Were super excited to be able to work with him.

Its a lot of fun serving in two wards. Except were just super busy on Sunday spending 6 hours at church. But hey I'm not complaining especially on days like yesterday where we have "break the fast" in the YSA. Also yesterday at ysa we had a lesson about how we can receive revelation for ourselves. They baked brownies and along the way were comparing things like butter to prayer or coco mix to coming to church etc. It was a lot of fun.

Update baptism wise. Our investigator is getting baptized this Saturday :)

-Elder Loertscher

The bishop of the YSA ward served his mission in Australia. While there he killed a kangaroo and skinned it.

Inline image 1
This was at a dinner this week with some members.

hope you all have a great week.

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