Monday, November 30, 2015

Tri-companionship November 16, 2015

Man this week was very entertaining. Let see where to start.On Tuesday we met a man from Syria. He is so cool. He speaks very little English. His main language is Arabic. He taught us a little. He came to church yesterday which was awesome. He reads from his Arabic Book of Mormon every night. Literally such an amazing man. We also found this family. One of the very few families i have ever taught on my mission. They also came to church. There was 5 of them. So we had 6 people at church yesterday.First time in a long time we had that many. We had interviews this week with President and Sister Wilson. It was nice to be able to talk with him and his wife. As we were proselyting this week we saw a huge gas explosion. We took some amazing pictures. There was a big switch up in our zone. These 2 elders needed to get split up so we now have one of them with us. So we are in what they call a "trio". He will be with us till transfers which are in a week so not very long.   His name is Elder Kasper we know him very well. Let me tell you how weird it is at first to try and teach with 3 people. Knowing when to switch off and who is going to pick up is a little shaky at first but then you get the hang of it. We found 8 new people and 6 of which will actually progress. That has been the hardest thing lately. We have found so many people to teach but a lot of them flake after a while. This next week will be also entertaining. I turn 20 next Monday. Does that mean that i have to quit acting like a teenage?? ;) 
We have transfers the day after my birthday so we will find out this Saturday what is happening. i hope i don't get transferred because it is two days before thanksgiving so if i leave that will be a weird adjustment to a new ward. Anyways i hope all is going well with you all. Sorry its a short email. It was way more eventful but we are low on time. 

-Elder Loertscher

​Our newish companion

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