Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Getting out of The Comfort Zone

Boy did this week get me out of my comfort zone. We will start with Wednesday, we had Mission Leadership Council (MLC). I got asked to give a talk on How to Recognize the Holy Ghost. Can i just tell you that it is a little intimidating giving a talk in front of the mission president and his wife, 19 other zone leaders, and all of the sister training leaders. It went super good though. The focus of the meeting was on commitments. It is super cool to go to these meetings because there is so much revelation received for our individual stewardship. After MLC we had to then plan Zone Training Meeting (ZTM). We had our ZTM Friday, Sister Wilson came so that added a little bit of un-needed stress. Our ZTM also went well though. We talked a lot about how our zone needs to make finding a priority. No one in our zone really finds new people to teach except Elder Fernandes and I. Its super frustrating to see our zones potential and then to see how much we are limiting ourselves from what God wants us to achieve. We talked about how we can help people better progress when they understand why we are here. Which is to baptize them. People are unlikely to change unless they are invited to do so. When we extend commitments for them to change that's how they can evaluate and look for areas of improvement. We went on exchanges this week with one of the district leaders in our zone. I went with Elder Johnson my old companion. We saw a ton of success. We had a super cool experience. We went to this apartment complex to knock doors and when we showed up there was a lot of kids out in the front playing games. When we walked past them they asked us if we knew magic. We told them yes. (not knowing any magic tricks of course). We then remembered we knew black magic. So with all of these 7-12 year old kids we played black magic. They thought that it was the coolest thing ever. It was so funny. Also this week one our recent converts dogs had babies. They are the cutest little things ever. You will see a picture here in a little bit. Sunday we had our ward primary program. Hearing all of those kids sing brought the spirit so strongly. In gospel essentials class the teacher was sick so i had to teach the class. The lesson was on the spirit world. There was some investigators there so it was a nice refresher for them. We talked a lot about how we need to pray and look to change now rather than later. Alma 13:27 I love my mission so much and the opportunity I have to serve where I am. I've learned so much. Have a great week. 
-Elder Loertscher

​I had to take all the stuff out of my pocket for him to fit. Perfect picture moment too. It was him yawning. 

Some of the bros. taken at MLC

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