Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Black Plague, Exchanges, and Transfer Calls April 27th 2015

Monday- We played basketball and went to eat at our bishops house

Tuesday- We went on exchanges with the District Leader. We had an awesome exchange. So something amazing happened. While we were out tracting this guy pulled up to us asking if we have seen his dogs. We told him no and asked if we could get his number to let him know if we saw them. As soon as he drove away i looked at Elder H (DL's companion) and said we should pray to find his dogs. We went on and went back to work. We found a man watering his lawn and talked with him. We taught his the restoration and set him as a new investigator. After we taught him it was time to go to dinner. As we were walking back to the car we heard some ruckus in an alley and we looked and saw two pit bulls like attacking these dogs through a fence. Guess what those were the ones were were looking for. I'm pretty sure that when i saw them i peed myself a little because people raise pits to fight out here. We walked up close and they were super calm with us being there after barking at all these dogs in fences so that was awesome. We called the guy and waited for him to get home while waiting with his dogs. when he got home he started crying and told us his life story and he told us he wanted to make it better and we told him that our message we share can help improve the quality of his life. We then taught him as well. It was awesome to see that prayer get answered. The down side to it was we were an hour and a half late to dinner.
Wednesday- We finished exchanges around two and then met with a less active. 
Thursday- we had weekly planning and then dinner at the coolest members house. 
Friday- we had district meeting but i couldn't go because i had to stay back at the apartment with the zone leaders because one of them was sick all night. So for exchanges today him and myself sat in their apartment. his companion in the day threw up while they were out working so him and my companion came back and we had a giant sick party. I got a call from the assistants to the president asking me to be a district leader so that was some exciting news.
Saturday- we did some service and ended our exchanges. We also met with our investigator and also had a lesson with a recent convert. 

So for transfers i will be staying in the same ward they just moved the district leader area to our ward. 

I hope you all have a great week 

Elder Loertscher

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