Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Blister, Ward Fast, and #Sheaves May 4,2015

This week was by far the best week of my entire mission so far so buckle up.

Monday- We played ultimate Frisbee and football. we had a member buy us 3 pizzas for dinner and a bunch of soda. 
Tuesday- We had a ton of errands to do because transfers. So half of our day was running errands for the district. We also got asked to go give a blessing at the hospital that was in our area. I love going to the hospital. There is a unique feel there. 
Wednesday- Some more errands to run this morning. Then we helped a member move some furniture because they were re-carpeting their floor. We taught 2 twins who are in a part member family. There favorite TV show was on so they wouldn't let us turn it off. the mom planned the lesson at 8 because her show was on at 9. Most unique teaching ever. We would go into the other room with the member we brought to the lesson and then teach during commercial break. Kinda annoying but i guess these girls were never interested. 
Thursday- we had to take another missionary and his companion to the dentist because he had a problem with his gum. We had to take him twice once at 8:00 and again at 12:30. When we got back we had two bomb lessons back to back with people we found. Set them both with baptism dates.We met with the son of a recent convert. We went to a park and played basketball with him. No one else was there so after we played a quick game we taught him the restoration and set him with the baptism date. So awesome.
Friday- had my first district meeting as district and it was awesome. Super spiritual experience. Today we had a recent convert lesson. We met with another less active/recent convert. We had coordination tonight with the ward mission leader. 
SERVICE Saturday- from 8 to 2:30 we dug about 70 holes about 3 feet deep each. it was just us four missionaries also so that's why it took so long. I have so many blisters from that. right after that we went to help a member in our ward move some boxes for about an hour. Then at 4 we had to go up to Ana Verde park and help set up for movie night at the park. That took forever to help set up we left at 8:00.
Sunday- We had church and taught a lesson after. We found 6 new investigators this week. 

Our ward is doing a 40 day fast where someone in the ward will be fasting at some point every second during the 40 days. Holy miracles. It is a great thing. 

have a great week. 

​setting up for the movie night. 

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