Monday, March 16, 2015

Continuing to try and find new investigators!!!

This week was awesome.

Monday- We played basketball and then we went back to our apartment and took pday naps. First time my whole mission. It was the best. We slept from like 1-4 and then got up to go to dinner with our bishop. 
Tuesday- We got a referral from our zone leaders so we went to the referral and he is so golden. We taught him the restoration and asked him to pray. We invited him to be baptized and in his prayer he said "please bless that I may prepare myself for my baptism" we were so excited after that lesson. 
Wednesday- We had two lessons with two different investigators. We tried to get members to both of them but we didn't have one at either. Super sad but the lessons were awesome. We taught the plan of salvation and repentance in the other one. 
Thursday- we did our weekly planning then we had to bike 30 minutes uphill to our dinner. It was so rough. It is a great workout though. My companion and i always do the harder rides to get to places so we can get sweet thigh muscles ;) "builds character" is what Elder J always says. 
Friday- We had district meeting and we gave the training. The assistants were there so ElderJ got a little nervous but afterwards the assistants said they loved it. The training was on diligence and we got people to focus more on being diligent. One of the AP's came up and said I am pretty diligent but you made me come up with a lot of ways I can become more diligent. It was funny.
Friday- We helped this lady in our apartment complex move from one building to a newer unit. That took up alot of our day but it was fun to help her
Saturday- We were supposed to meet with our new investigator again but he canceled on us. So we went out contacting some potentials and didn't have to much success. Found out a lot of them moved which was nice. We had coordination that night with our ward mission leader which went well
Sunday- We had ward conference. The stake presidency taught us and it was awesome I learned so much. After church we had to bike to dinner and it was raining pretty hard. So that was fun. We got soaking wet which is always fun. We were good sports about it though. We made it fun.
Monday- This morning we finally got to burn stuff. I hit 6 months on the 6th of this month so I burned a tie. That was fun. 

It was a great week. I heard there is snow where some of you are at so I hope you enjoy that. Have a great week. 

​We are burning stuff. Ties- 6 months Shirts- 12 months Ties,shirt,pants- 18 months. We all hit landmarks this month. so we had to burn things. 

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