Monday, December 1, 2014

Week of November 23

This week was really good. The week was slow.Monday we had a good pday and went over to a part members house for dinner and we had pizza. 
TuesdayElder P woke up in the middle of the night and got really sick from the pizza and was sick all day long. So the whole day was spent inside with him sleeping and trying to get better. 
Wednesday-We made our weekly trip to the homeless shelter. This week we made sack lunches and served lunch. I love it there so much. After we went out and tried to have a few lessons with our investigators but they all fell through :(
Thursday- Thanksgiving was really good. We had to weekly plan in the morning and then we went out for a little bit tracting and didn't have much success. We had a dinner at 2. After our dinner we met with our investigator family and discussed with them things they were thankful for. We read Luke 17 with them and told them to make sure they were the ones who came back to the Lord and gave thanks for all that they had. It was an awesome lesson. After that we had our second dinner. This one was a little different. It was at a part members house and she invited a friend to come. Her friend brought all the food and she was from Sudan if that's how you spell it? Anyways she brought lamb and rice and stuffed zucchini. It was not your average thanksgiving dinner. It was good though. 
Friday- We had district meeting. Our mission president came to our district meeting to check up on our district leader. He also showed us the video He is the gift. I would recommend that you watch it. It is an amazing video that you can watch to help you remember about this time of year. Remember that this season isn't about gifts and all the things that go along with it. Its about our Savior Jesus Christ. Its a short video that i would ask you to please watch. Also share it with other using #SharetheGift. The church has bought the rights for it to be shown as an ad on YouTube on December the 7th so be looking for it. 
Saturday- We finished our exchange we went on yesterday with our district leader. After we finished we went and cleaned this ladies windows for her. She was less active so it was nice to go by and help her out. We tried to meet with our investigators that rescheduled for today but once again they fell through. Which is really frustrating. So we went and saw some less active members. 
Sunday-Church went really well. It was a good week.

You can watch the he is the gift video at 

​While we were tracting we found a giant bamboo area so i had to take a picture. 

​Also while we were tracting we saw this dog on this house so we went up and knocked on her door and she said that her dogs name is angel and she belongs on the roof. It was a little weird but pretty cool at the same time.

Have a great week


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