Monday, October 20, 2014

Week Sept 29- Oct 5th

I am going to run through the week quick because I don't have a lot of time to email today because we get to go see MEET THE MORMONS before it comes out. They are showing it at a local church building for missionaries. Our mission president has the hook up with all that kind of stuff. We have a bunch of apostles that visit our mission all the time

Monday 29th-
Today was good. Transfers were tomorrow. I did not get transferred so I am staying in YSA till at least November 12th. We did alot of stuff to clean the apartment and other things. For dinner we went to a members house in a neighboring ward. This family MAKES missionaries try this hot sauce they have. It is called Da Bomb. This is one of the hottest things in the world. It measures 1.5 million scoville unites. A ghost pepper is like 300,000. The bigger the number the hotter it is. The tip is like a nail polish thing. He put like two strokes on a potato wedge. I had one and elder M had one. As soon as it hits your throat you freak out. Elder M almost threw up a couple times. I started involuntarily crying and I started sweating really bad. I had to have 6 Popsicles  it was crazy. He said there is a spice that is 72 million and it is the hottest there is. He said the very tip of a tooth pic would make you go crazy. I will include a picture of the bottle of DA bomb though. It was crazy

Tuesday 30th-
We had our third lesson with a progressing investigator. He is golden he started saying some of his beliefs and he talked about a friend who has passed away and started crying. He really appreciates the Plan of salvation. He is progressing towards his baptism date of November 8th. We later on in the night went on splits with the Elders Quorum

Wednesday 1st-
Today we spent a lot of time going to members and trying to get referrals. 

Thursday 2nd-
Planning took up a lot of time today. We had to figure out a new game plan for our area because we don't have a really big teaching pool. So we spent  a lot of time brainstorming on how to make it a super effective area. Then we had institute which is always fun. There are so many non members that go to it it is crazy. It is right next to a local college and it counts as credit for college so there are a lot of local students that go. It is a good place to talk to some people and try to find new investigators.

Friday 3rd-
We had zone training meeting. That went really well. The day was going good until I had a sneeze attack. I sneezed like 30 times no joke. Then my throat started hurting and I got a fever it was really weird but missionaries don't stop working when their sick. So we kept going through out or day and then Elder M got tired of me sneezing and snuffling so we went back to the apartment so I could get medicine and take a nap. We woke up and then went to visit some people at the end of the night.

Saturday and Sunday 4th and 5th
These days were spent watching general conference which was awesome. I love the words we hear from the apostles and prophet. David A Bednar was really good and funny. 

My top 3 favorite talks were by
Lynn G. Robbins
Richard G. Scott
M. Russell Ballard

There are some quote that I wanted to share with you.
This first one is talking about Joseph Smith

"Dear Brother though you are bound in jail
 yet never fear the powers of hell
 your God he will deliver you
 therefore fear not what men can do
 Let all the hosts of hell engage
 with all their malice spite and rage
 the mormonites God will defend
 who are so called by wicked men"

"blame keeps wounds open: forgiveness heals them"

I will leave you with quotes from a talk given at general conference.
"which way do you face"
"Lord is it I"

I loved Genreal Conference. I hope you all loved it as much as I did. If you didn't have a chance to watch all the sessions i would advise you to do so. I love you all and hope you have a good week.

Elder Loertscher

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