Monday, October 20, 2014

Oct 13-19

October 13th-
We emailed and cleaned our car and the apartment and all the normal P-DAY stuff. The most exciting part of the day though is sports. Our zone is a bunch of Spanish speaking Elders and Sisters and a couple English speaking. Anyways we play soccer a lot. We played from 2:00-5:00. It is so much fun. We have pug goals and we set them up and have a tournament each Monday. Its a blast. Then we had FHE at Bishops Schafers house. 

October 14th-
We had exchanges with the zone leaders. I went to Elder M area this time. They cover La Cresta which is a Spanish ward. So all day I heard nothing but Spanish. I am grateful I took three years of Spanish so I could understand a little bit. He translated what I didn't know and I bore my testimony and testified in English and he translated it into Spanish. It was an amazing day. 

October 15th-
We exchanged back and then me and Elder M went out for the day. This was our best day so far. An appointment fell through so we did some street contacting and we ran into this guy who was having a bad day and we offered him a pass along card which then turned into us teaching a brief restoration lesson and he was super interested. The only bad thing about that is since we are YSA we had to send him off as a referral. Then we prepared a member for a lesson to teach to our Investigator. So we prepared her and then went to the lesson with out investigator which went really well. She is progressing really well towards her baptism date on the 8th of November. For dinner we went to Bro Hallings house who is in the Bishopric. Guess what we ate? We had donut burgers. I will include a picture. It was the greatest thing ever. The maple on the donut mixed with the hamburger was superb. 

October 16th-
We had weekly planning and Institute. 

October 17th-
We had district meeting and then we had a rough finding day. We had an appointment fall through so we tracked quite a bit and tried to see members. We decided to go to this one members home. She had 11 other brothers and sisters. It was a crazy house but it seemed like alot of fun. We taught then this fun little game that has symbolism behind it. I would show you but that might be hard through a computer.

October 18th-
We had a lesson with our investigator. We were trying to help show her she has already received her answer. The lesson went really well. 

October 19th-
We had church and then we went and saw some less-actives. Those went really well. We talked to this football player who goes to the local college and he has 17 siblings. There are 18 of them . When he told us this me and my companion looked at each other so funny. That is alot of kids. 

October 20th-
Today we got our flu shots and washed the car and did our laundry so far. After this we are going to play sports :)

Love you all. Have a good week.


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