Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Monday 22nd

We went to the ostrich farm which was a world of fun. I will include some pictures later on in the email. While we were taking a pictures an ostrich bit my ear. It cut some skin that was fun. It feels like a chip clamp. You can stick your hand out and it will bite it. Ostriches have a brain the size of our finger nail. Its memory is 5 seconds long. They are really smart. After that later that night we have FHE and the activity was tic tac toe life size. That was fun. 

Tuesday 23rd 
We tracked quite a bit today. We had one of our last lessons with Jesus before his baptism. He told us he is engaged. That was exciting. He was excited for his baptism on Saturday. Later in the day we were tracking and we ran into this lady who's sister is getting baptized. She said she was investigating but she left because people were super judgmental. Which seems like a major problem in today's society. 

Wednesday 24th

We tracked a crazy amount today. We tracked from 12:30 to 3:30. While we did that we found one person who was interested. Then we went an visited a member in our ward. It seems like a common theme out here in Bakersfield to have part member families. Alot of the youths parents aren't members. Then we went to dinner with Vance. His family is so cool. Then we went and visited a few less actives. 

Thursday 25th

Today we had weekly planning. During planning we had a member call us and tell us we needed to come share a message with her because she was just laid off. So we went over and shared a message and then went to see Jesus because he lived over by her. He was doing well. Still going strong on the word of wisdom which we were really proud of him. Then we had institute. Institute seems like so much fun. While we were there we had a lady who was interested in the plan of salvation so we had a mini lesson. That was cool. 

Friday 26th 

We had District Meeting today. It was really good we talked about our trials and things. Some great scriptures D&C 121:7 and Alma 36:3. Then we got stuff figured out for our baptism with Jesus. We went to Sam's house to talk with him about the program and to have everything ready. Then we went and visited a couple less actives and tracked. Little success again. 

Saturday 27th

Jesus's baptism day :) We woke up and got the font ready and got the chairs set up. I was super excited for this experience. A baptism in your first transfer isn't common Elder M said. The experience was pretty cool. Jesus is a great guy. The rest of the day we looked for more investigators to teach so we went tracking. Then we had apartment inspection. We passed with flying colors :) 

Sunday  28th

We got up early this morning for ward coordination. Which SAM didn't show up to. Then we had ward council. Our bishopric is so awesome. Then we had church. Elder M and Elder S both gave talks. During sacrament we had confirmations. Yesterday there was another baptism held in our ward with the other YSA elders. So we had two confirmations. I had the wonderful opportunity to do Jesus's. Then we went over to Vance's house for dinner. His brother said he was out looking for a job in Texas. I asked him where he said McKinney and Frisco. I told him i lived in Prosper. We talked for like 30 minutes about Texas. There family is super cool.

This week went really well. I will include some pictures. 

I love you all. 

Love Elder Loertscher

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