Monday, August 25, 2014


well i have arrived. Oh btw at the MTC alone i gained 10 lbs. I weighed my self this morning and so far since i have left home i have gained 14 pounds. Thats 14 pounds in 19 days i hope this trend doesn't continue or else when i get home watch out It is crazy. We flew into LA and it was amazing. The Los Angela's Area is so amazing. I wish i could give you all a day by day of this week but it was 10 days since i last got to email so there isnt enough time to put everything down. This was a crazy amazing week. 
Let me tel you a little bit about the area i am in right now. The people are amazing but the area is a little rough. Me and Elder M "WHITE WASHED" the area. Do you want the bad news or the good news first. I guess i will just chose for you. Bad first. The area i am in is known as the "armpit" of California. Haha if you are wondering why its because there are alot of homeless people and we are basically in the hood. There is a couple of streets where the police drive around with there lights on the whole time from 2:00 pm on. Everyone is rude in California and i do not like it. If you wave no one waves back. Its hard to mustard up the courage and go talk to these people. We cover a large area and are in a car. good news.  My companion is elder M and this kid is the coolest kid ever. We connect perfect. He plays soccer, he has a great sense of humor, and he is really spiritual. The lord has really blessed me with amazing people so far to make me a better missionary. He has been out a year "and some change". He has some funny sayings. He is from north Carolina and he has a crazy accent. HE is awesome. We live in a nice apartment. He told me these are the nicest ones in the mission. It is away from all the bad areas obviously we live in a good location. If you want to write me letters ask my mom for the address because i cant give it away in email. Somehow people find out and missionaries have been stalked before. So its going to be confidential information. Only send letters i cant get packages.  Also on anything you send make sure you write ELDER DIMITRI LOERTSCHER make sure you include my first name because believe it or not there is another LOERTSCHER here in california. it is spelled the same way and everything. No we are not related. Im sure that was your next question. A summary of my week. I got thrown right into it. Our area that we are in was left with nothing so we basically had to start from scratch and go find everyone meet people etc etc. We are running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Our area is super big. The average miles you drive in a car each day is like 30-40. Our area is so big we drive anywhere from 80-100. We are the only elders in our area so we are busy alot. Right now we have 4 investigators with baptism dates within the next month. We taught one the first lesson and he was super interested his girlfriend was baptized two months ago and now he is interested. When i get home ask me about his first lesson. When i say the spirit is so strong i have never felt it more in my life. He prayed and he felt it too. We are making good progress and it feels good because hopefully if things continue the way they are going we will baptize him after we teach him all the lessons. We have two baptisms soon. Elder M told me two baptisms in your first transfer is unheard of. I am excited i love the work. I would be lying if i said it was easy. I had a very hard week. My emotions got pulled at by all sides. I cried myself to sleep last night. I am fine while i am working but at night it is rough right now. I will push through and be fine why because "I AM ON THE LORDS ERRAND". The ward is awesome the 1st counselor in the bishopric said that last week the week before i got there they made hamburgers and they got donuts and used the donuts as the bun for the hamburger. Sounds amazing. HE said they do all crazy things with food. Im excited. Tonight there is an activity. Its MUD VOLLEYBALL. They fill up a volleyball court with water. And it gets all muddy and they play volleyball. Its super bad because i cant play but i will make sure i get pictures. Things are going good and i will continue to keep you updated as usual i will leave you with something you will hopefully take to heart and look to make the necessary changes in your life. Dont say you cant change because we aren't perfect. 

First i want to say never give up. Dont give up on our father in heaven. He will never EVER give up on you. He is aware of you and your trials. He will not give you a trial you cant handle. His love is infinite for you.
Next always stand with courage. Stand up for what you believe in. Dont sit back and let people come to you. Did the savior do that? No he went out and found people. Brothers and Sister as members of the church it is our responsibility to go out and share the gospel with all of Gods children. I challenge you this week to have a missionary moment with at least one person. If i can go out and knock a bunch of doors in unsafe areas you can talk to one person about the gospel. Some one you have never talked to. 
Next. DO NOT LIE. DO not justify your lies. Ill keep this simple. Would you lie to GOD? 
Lastly. Who you are when no one is watching determines the type of person you are!

Stay true to yourself. Remember there is always someone watching. There are people here on earth watching you and there is ONE person who will ALWAYS know what you are doing and the desires of your heart. Don't lie to our Heavenly Father

Until next week,

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